1. Diamonds

From the recording Diamonds


Words and Music by Juliana Schnee & Jimmy Needham
© 2015 Juliana Schnee Music. All Rights Reserved.

(Verse One)
I know it ain’t easy
Trying to be brave
And strength is a mask
You’re not wearing today

And trouble’s a mountain
That you’re underneath
You told it to move
But it’s far from the sea

When you’re out there, when you’re so scared
And the sky starts to fall
It’s easy to stumble and crumble
Under the weight of it all
Be reminded, you’re shining
Without even trying
‘Cause pressure, it makes diamonds

(Verse Two)
And mercy is funny
The way that it comes
In pain and in suffering
In battles not won

But the God of the trial
Is still God on the throne
Through the fiercest of fires
You are never alone