I’m taking Charlie Puth’s songwriting and production course! 

T-minus 4 days until I start Charlie Puth’s pop songwriting and production course! 🎹

I’m so excited to take a 30 day deep dive into all things music and work more on my craft.

There’s always, always room for growth. 🌱

➡️ Do you want to join the class with me? Click here for more details. Enrollment closes tomorrow, so make sure to hurry if you’re interested in joining!

The only difference between where you are and where you want to be is the steps you haven’t taken yet.


Why Community is EVERYTHING 

The dress I’m designing is underway! I may or may not have seen a sneak preview during a zoom call recently. 😉

It’s so cool to see something drawn on paper, or an iPad in my case, be brought to life like this. (Thanks for tag-teaming the sketch with me mom!)

Thinking back over the last couple months, there’s a few things that have stuck out in my mind…

1️⃣ I definitely DON’T draw.

2️⃣ I haven’t sewn anything since middle school, and I most definitely DON’T remember how.

3️⃣ I definitely did NOT go about this journey all by myself.

You see, my job isn’t learning how to make a perfect fashion sketch.

My job isn’t learning how to sew and piece this dress together.

The truth is, there is no possible way I would ever be able to do this project by myself. There are SO many people behind the scenes who are using their individual gifts and skills to make all of this happen.

My job is simply communicating ideas and casting vision to make this project come to life. And that happens by finding the right people to come alongside you and support you along the journey.


It’s not about learning every step yourself. It’s not about going it alone.

It’s all about finding WHO has already been there, and how can they help you to get to your destination faster.

Don’t ever limit your dreams based on your current skill set. Community is EVERYTHING and we all go further faster when we use our “superpowers” to impact the people in our world.

How are you using YOUR gifts to bless and encourage somebody this week?

Learning to Pause and Listen 

Learning to Pause and Listen

Don’t ever feel guilty for taking the time you need to rest and step back for a time. Burn out is real, and you DON’T have to say yes to everything.

In those moments of quietness, rest in the Lord and ask Him what direction He wants you to go.

Far too many times, we go, go, go and don’t take the time to PAUSE and LISTEN. (Trust me — I am totally speaking to myself right now!)

In this season of craziness and uncertainty, may we learn to listen to what the Lord has planned for us, and the boldness to follow where He leads.

I need your help to customize the perfect sizing experience. 

I need your help with something…

I am partnering with Schnee Way and designing and manufacturing my first dress!

Something very important to me is finding ways to enhance the shopping experience for all women.

We all know how varied sizes are in women’s clothing and we want our sizing to be representative of women of all sizes.

Could you please take a minute to answer a few short questions?

All answers are completely anonymous to us, and will help us customize this dress for you.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us!

I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t start where I was then. 

The time to start is now. 💫

👉 The first time I started public speaking, I WAS NOT READY FOR IT.

👉 The first time I switched gears on my career path, I WAS NOT READY FOR IT.

👉 The first time I posted that YouTube video, I WAS NOT READY FOR IT.

But guess what?

You will never be “ready” for it. 🤯

If you wait to start until you feel 100% ready for it, you might be waiting a long time. ⏱

💚 Do yourself a favor today and just start whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do.

Give yourself permission to do it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

You don’t even have to have it all together.

✨ It’s so much better to at least be imperfectly in the game than waiting at the sidelines of your dreams.

Someday, you’ll look back and thank yourself that you took that first step. 🏃‍♀️

Today’s reminder….

“I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t start where I was then.”

8 Year Anniversary of “Dance in the Rain” 

Wow wow wow. I can hardly believe that December 5th was 8 𝙬𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙚 𝙮𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙨 since I released my first studio album.

I was so thrilled to have my first song air on the radio on the Kids Cookie Break show.

The first time it aired, my family and I were on our way to vacation in Ocean City.

When we started driving out of the radio station’s range, we pulled the car over and found a spot where we could still hear the show.

We waited there and listened to all the songs play on the radio, including my song “Expectations” that I wrote when I was 14 years old.

There are so many fun surprises in life and that was a really cool moment for me as I was only at the start of my music journey.

Thanks for being a part of that WJTL Radio.

Self Care: It Means “Me Too” 

Taking care of myself doesn’t mean “me first”….

….It means “me too”.

Just a daily reminder that it is not selfish to take time for yourself when you need it.

When we take time to rest, it enables us to come back stronger and make a bigger impact to those around us.

How are you making time for yourself today?

From Songwriter to Fashion Designer 

Can I let you girls in on a little secret? 🤫🙉‼️

Behind the scenes for the last several months, I have been working on a VERY exciting new project for all you ladies out there!!

But up until now, it’s been TOP SECRET.

2020 has definitely brought all sorts of surprises that I never saw coming. (Can I get an AMEN?!) 👏

One of those several surprises came in the form of creating my own product that I am SOOO excited to share with YOU!

I have teamed up with @schneewayofficial to DESIGN and MANUFACTURE my own original DRESS which incorporates my love for both fashion AND music. 🎤👗

This has been such a fun journey so far, and I am so thrilled to let you all in on the ride!

👉 My design is still in progress, so if you want to follow my journey and stay updated on when it is available, click the link below…


✨ PLUS — as a THANK YOU, I’ll throw in a BRAND NEW SONG from my upcoming album that has not even released yet. 💿🎧

This dress is being made with you women in mind. Can’t wait to share this all with you. 💕

The Real Reason I Write Music… 

Writing songs is a lot like journaling… just with music. 🎵 I remember when I wrote my first song at 11 years old. (Wow that was a long time ago lol!)

At that young age, I didn’t realize how much guilt I was carrying around. Both my siblings were dealing with severe medical issues, so they needed a lot more attention. People constantly compared us all.

I was the “healthy kid” because I didn’t have genetic disorders and allergies to everything.

“Wow, you’re lucky.”

“So you’re the normal one.”

My sister weighed an unhealthy 65 pounds as a teen until she was properly diagnosed and treated. People said I was “big” compared to her, even though I was at a perfectly healthy and normal weight.

After years of hearing the same things over and over from everybody, I had so many unprocessed emotions that had to be addressed.

When my parents bought me my first keyboard, I just loved that thing to pieces! (Shout out to my favorite keyboard brand @casio_us for being awesome!)

I stayed up in my bedroom for HOURS and HOURS just writing about life and what I was feeling. In fact, I didn’t realize the half of what I was really feeling until I could write it on paper and understand where I was at emotionally.

Certain songs that I write feel so transparent and personal that it almost feels like I’m posting a diary entry. And sometimes that can feel scary.

But I realized that there’s always someone out there that needs to hear the message and the story that you have to offer. Someone out there gets it.

I’ve found that being transparent helps you to realize that you are never alone. It brings clarity to exactly what you are feeling and how you can heal from past hurts.

I think that’s what I love most about writing music. For me, it starts the conversation on dealing with hurt, overcoming it, and reaching out to those around you who are still working through those tough emotions.

That’s the reason I write. I want people to see that in the middle of every struggle, no matter how big or small, God sees you. He loves you. He is waiting for you with arms wide open.

Behind the Song: Overbooked & Out of Breath 

Overbooked and out of breath, I hate to take another step backwards. Overbooked and out of breath, so I, so I only run faster. 🏃‍♀️

Behind the song…
“Overbooked and Out of Breath”

(Click here to listen)

I wrote this song because we live in a culture that feels so incredibly demanding of our time.

Contrary to popular belief… you cannot be everything to everyone all of the time.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize when you are burning out.

Or worse — you recognize the fact, but choose to ignore it completely.

Sometimes instead of pausing and taking time to refresh, we only run faster and push ourselves harder, thinking the stress will go away on its own.

If you feel like you’re living in a constant state of stress and overwhelm, maybe it’s time to evaluate the things that take up the most time and energy in your life.

“It’s okay to say NO. You’re saying YES to SOMETHING ELSE.”

This is literally my mantra ALL. THE. TIME.

Please never underestimate the time you need to slow down and rest in the Lord.

There are times I have been guilty of feeling “too busy” to make that time for myself, but when I do….

It makes a whole world of difference.

Slow things down for a minute and focus on the people and things that really matter most.