Community Guidelines

All song submissions must match the following criteria:


Artists must read and agree to the Terms of Service.


If any part of the song does not meet our community guidelines, the song will not be permitted on the Anthem Threads™ Exclusive Playlist. All decisions are final and at the sole discretion of the Anthem Threads™ team. We reserve the right to refuse any song that we feel does not align with our community guidelines. If an artist's song is denied, they are free to submit a different song for consideration.


All song submissions must be 100% original content. You must own full ownership and rights to the song. Cover songs of somebody else's work or stolen intellectual property are not permitted.


Artists must be 18 years old or older, and a resident of the United States. If an artist is under age, a parent or proven legal guardian must give written consent.



What we’re looking for:

✅ 100% Artist-owned original content 

✅ Professionally recorded original songs

✅ Available on Apple Music® & Spotify® 

✅ Wholesome and family-friendly songs

✅ Songs about love 

✅ Songs about life

✅ Songs about faith 



The following is not permitted:

❌ Explicit, vulgar or lewd language / profanity

❌ Graphic or sexually suggestive content / themes

❌ Violence or self-harm

 ❌ Hateful speech

 ❌  Mature themes not suitable for young audiences

 ❌  Cyber-bullying or harassment

 ❌  Cover songs of somebody else's work

 ❌  Stolen intellectual property

 ❌ Content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities that risk serious physical harm or death

 ❌ Content from or about terrorist or criminal organizations

 ❌ Content that disregards Christian faith values

 Note: This is not an extensive list. If you have any questions, please email



Album Artwork

Files must be uploaded as JPG or PNG formats. 


✅ 3000 x 3000 pixels (minimum 1400 x 1400 pixels) 

✅ 300 dpi (minimum 72 dpi) 

✅ File size less than 25MB 

✅ RGB color scheme 

✅ Modest and family-friendly artwork



❌ Blurry or pixelated images 

❌ Copyrighted images 

❌ Pornographic imagery