Why Community is EVERYTHING

The dress I’m designing is underway! I may or may not have seen a sneak preview during a zoom call recently. 😉

It’s so cool to see something drawn on paper, or an iPad in my case, be brought to life like this. (Thanks for tag-teaming the sketch with me mom!)

Thinking back over the last couple months, there’s a few things that have stuck out in my mind…

1️⃣ I definitely DON’T draw.

2️⃣ I haven’t sewn anything since middle school, and I most definitely DON’T remember how.

3️⃣ I definitely did NOT go about this journey all by myself.

You see, my job isn’t learning how to make a perfect fashion sketch.

My job isn’t learning how to sew and piece this dress together.

The truth is, there is no possible way I would ever be able to do this project by myself. There are SO many people behind the scenes who are using their individual gifts and skills to make all of this happen.

My job is simply communicating ideas and casting vision to make this project come to life. And that happens by finding the right people to come alongside you and support you along the journey.


It’s not about learning every step yourself. It’s not about going it alone.

It’s all about finding WHO has already been there, and how can they help you to get to your destination faster.

Don’t ever limit your dreams based on your current skill set. Community is EVERYTHING and we all go further faster when we use our “superpowers” to impact the people in our world.

How are you using YOUR gifts to bless and encourage somebody this week?

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