Saying NO to say YES to something else

✅ Swamped.

✅ Overwhelmed.

✅ Stressed.

✅ Worn out.

How many times do we push ourselves to the edge?? 😣

I’m one of the people that wants to do it all. Be involved in everything. (And I mean everything! 😳)

If I see an opportunity that I think would be good for me, I jump at it. I keep piling it all on into a lovely mess of a stack. 😬

➡️ BUT HERE’S THE THING: It’s too much. ⬅️

In my attempt to do good things, it didn’t leave a good result. 🚫 I wasn’t productive. 🚫 I wasn’t well rested (which is pretty important by the way).

🚫 I didn’t feel accomplished — I FELT EXHAUSTED. 😴

Then I realized something. There are some things in my life that I have to be okay with giving up. Let me put it this way instead… when you say no to something, you’re saying ⭐️ YES TO SOMETHING ELSE. ⭐️

✅ Yes to something GREATER

✅ Yes to more time to invest in YOURSELF, so you can bring your A Game to the table

✅ Yes to living your BEST LIFE

✅ Yes to more QUALITY to invest into others

I have found that when I’m involved in fewer things at a time, I bring more ⭐️ quality, more 💪 energy, and more 💡 focus. I don’t want to be overbooked. I want to have the energy I need to pursue my best life. The best version of me. Getting to live my dream and not be so exhausted that I miss it. .

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” — John D. Rockefeller

Comment ⭐️ below if you’re ready to go from good to GREAT! 👇


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