Roadblocks & Identity Issues

Nashville Day 1:

So I’m not quite sure how this all worked out… but somehow I scored a 10-day mother/daughter trip to Nashville, Tennessee! It’s been one of my life goals to get there and this trip kind of fell out of the sky and onto our laps. Mom was going for a business trip and when we found out it was in the city of music itself, we both knew I just HAD to come.

We encountered so many roadblocks leading up to our departure; one of the worst being that my driver’s license had expired unbeknownst to me. God bless the man at the bank for pointing it out to me! It was already too late to renew it that night, so we woke up early and stood in line at the photo center. When we got there, the man at the door informed us that they were CLOSED because of Presidents Day… on a Saturday.

In a panic, I googled everything I could about how the TSA handles expired licenses. Mixed opinions only made me feel uneasy about it. So alas, I grabbed every bit of paperwork to prove exactly who I am. (And prayed a LOT!)

You know what? TSA was a breeze! Like it literally took all but 5 minutes to enter and exit the line. It’s funny how we can work up such a sweat over the little things. *Insert huge sigh of relief here.*

We flew out of Harrisburg on the tiniest plane I’ve ever ridden on. Granted, this is only my second time flying, so I guess I’m not one to judge these things, ha! When we exited the plane, we walked down an outdoor ramp instead of inside the terminal. It made me feel like the President of the United States. Mom says it wasn’t that fancy… but I thought it was pretty darn cool. 😜

Due to our flight being delayed, we literally ran to the complete other end of the Charlotte Airport only to find our next plane left without us! Since we had 5 hours to kill, we walked all the way back and found Panda Express (because their black pepper chicken is just that killer). We wandered back to our boarding gate and I snuggled up in my sherpa blanket. People chuckled at me, but I don’t care that much! Mom and I laughed at how some people look sooooo put together when they travel. How do they do it? They might look fabulous, but I’ve got a sherpa blanket. So ha! #ultimatecomfort

I was ever so glad when the wheels hit the ground in Nashville! North Carolina — it’s been real, but bring on the City of Music! 🎶🎸

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