I got to see the Studio C cast! (I didn’t know they would be there!)

I got to see the Studio C cast! (I didn’t know they would be there!)

Nashville Day 7:

It was our third day at FHL 2019. On the main stage, they started to announce that Click Funnels was collaborating with JK Studios (the new project by the original cast members of Studio C). I thought that in itself was amazing. When we came back after lunch, we were told we’d get to view one of the newest sketches made especially for entrepreneurs.

Well, get this guys…. We’re back from lunch, getting ready to view the amazingness that is JK Studios, when none other but Matt Meese and Stacey Harkey walk onto the stage…. like in real life!!!

I. Freaked. Out.

I’m a huge Studio C fan. It’s like SNL but clean and family friendly. Like the good old days of watching The Carol Burnett Show. (Why can’t you buy that anywhere online? Because that is SO funny too!)

So, they’re on stage talking about their new venture as JK Studios, when they let us preview a sketch that had not been aired yet at this point. If you watch them on YouTube at all, you know that they just released a new series called Freelancers, which is sponsored by Click Funnels. We were the first to see one of these episodes!!!

I was more excited than anyone else in that room. (At least I think so!) Hahaha! 😆😆 I totally love watching these guys, and it made my day to get to see them in person. This really was the coolest conference ever. 💯

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