Exploring the Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Nashville Day 4:

The days kept getting better and better as they went! We woke up to day number 4, packed our things, and headed off to our next hotel… The Gaylord Opryland. We were staying there a few nights for the business conference we were attending. As our Uber ride pulled up into the parking lot, I was amazed at the sight! It was the most grand hotel I had ever seen! ?

You could really get lost in this building. I did a couple times! In fact, it’s so huge, we had to download a navigation app to guide us through the building. How crazy is that? ? But I’m directionally challenged, so who knows. ?

Once we made our way to the Delta Island, we found that they had a little boat ride that takes you around part of the hotel. It was pretty ridiculous but made for a funny memory! Even found one of the best entrepreneurs along the way… #RussellPhotoBomb

(But for reals… we really did walk right by him haha!)

After a long day of exploring, we made our way to our hotel room. They had one of those beds that fold up into the wall — I thought it was super cool!! But alas, sleep was beckoning. ???

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