All the Adventure is OUTSIDE Your COMFORT ZONE.

I’ve been writing music since I was 11. When I was 16, I started doing shows anywhere that would have me. ? I recorded my first studio album ?, and there ended up being a lot more BUSINESS in music business than I ever realized. ? The thought of having to market myself, create email lists, basically anything that wasn’t music related, was just plain stressful to me. ?

’Cause when you first start out, you think that if you throw some good videos online, someone big is magically going to find it and call you up. ?

Apparently that’s not how music business works… usually. ?

It takes a LOT of hard work, behind-the-scenes hustle to make a thriving business. You fail a lot. You learn from it. You get back out there and try again. You fail more. You adjust what you do.

A career in business is like an ever-changing, ever-learning experience. I used to loathe it entirely, but the funny thing is now I am totally OBSESSED with it! ?

If we step outside of our comfort zones, amazing things can happen. We mess up sometimes, but we grow from it. We might not know what to do right away, but we learn.

If you always play it safe, you will always have “safe results”. But OUTSIDE your COMFORT ZONE is all the ADVENTURE you might just be waiting for.

? What’s something that you “grew into liking”?

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